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We’re a small, flexible and sportive studio and through our outstanding ideas we craft simple and functional mobile solutions with a wonderful user experience. We're passionate about bringing your ideas to a digital mobile reality.

Mobile Design

The future is here (flying cars are a few years away) and mobile is poised to become a major aspect of the digital lifestyle. The market is very competitive, but it's clear that well-designed apps garner much more appeal and continued usage than their drab counterparts. We love mobile, and can't wait to design your app.

Digital Branding

Your brand isn't just a logo. Customers experience your brand every time they interact with your mobile solution. We analyze your culture, goals, and a myriad of other factors to create a rock solid brand for your digital appearance of your company.


We have a saying: "Our work is beyond aesthetic; it's almost invisible when done right." We believe in the power of an effective user interface and the enormous value it provides to your customers. We do the research and provide the insight that can take your product or service to the next level of user interaction.

about us

Alexander Stark

Alex is one of the initiators of the labDIGITAL and due to his experience as a rider and team manager of the MTB-Team Scott Generation he is an indispensable asset to this project and very important for the further development of the company. As our business economist he is the person for our whole marketing, project management and contractual matters.

Carsten Maiwald

As a studied product designer Carsten takes care of the designs and the usability of the services. He is also managing partner of a bike brand which adds valuable sportive and entrepreneurial experience to the team.

Alexander Götze

Our second Alex has a diploma for computer science and media and translates the teams ideas and wishes into code. He is responsible for the technical implementation of the services.


  • Address: Franklinstraße 22, 01069 Dresden, Germany
  • Phone: +49 (0)3 51 427 70 44
  • Email:info@labdigital.de